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Welcome To Lanzhou Ls Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd.
The Lanzhou Stone Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is specializing in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic integration, new product development, an independent economic entity. The company has a product development, design and manufacturing, technical strength and capabilities of the general contracting. The company has accumulated a wealth of experience in a number of high-, mid-level engineers and technicians, with years of use, design, manufacture forging equipment, especially the experience of fast forging machine, the dominant company in the domestic fast forging machine market share.
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Business Type : Manufacturer
Manufacturer Of : Hydraulic Machine, Hydraulic Charging Machine, Feeder Machine
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Company Name : Lanzhou Ls Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd.
Address : No.194 Xi Jin Road W., Lianzhou, Gansu ,Lanzhou ,Gansu ,China (PRC)
Contact Person : Mr.
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