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Welcome To Chowdary Spinners Limited
Our company is founded by Mr.Ch.P.B.Chowdary in the year 1994 as a small spinning unit, our unit has grown over the years into an integrated factory with Cotton Ginning, Oil Extraction, Cotton Yarn Spinning & Weaving facilities. It is planned to further expand our Spinning & Weaving capacities shortly. Located strategically in the cotton producing sate of Andhra Pradesh in India, is managed by a professional team Headed by Mr.Ch.Prasad Chowdary, who is the Chairman & Managing Director.
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Business Type : Manufacturer
Manufacturer Of : Cotton Fabrics, Cotton Ginning, Cotton Kapas, Cotton Wastes, Cotton Yarn, Spinning, Oil Extraction, Slub Yarns, Weaving Fabrics
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Company Name : Chowdary Spinners Limited
Address : No. 1-164, Chivatam Village ,Tanuku ,Andhra Pradesh ,India
Contact Person : Mr. Prasad Chowdary
Mobile : +919959056000
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