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Mehr Image Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and highly recognized manufacturer of specialized Toughened glass viz. SKTuff Toughened Glass. Our company is one of the prominent manufacturers of Toughened and tempered glass, Laminated glass, Insulating glassand and Ballistic glass with various size and thickness. We uses raw material from reputed glass manufacturers such as Saint Gobain Glass, Modi Glass and HNG Float Glass. These glass sheets are used for processing and manufacturing different products. It includes Toughened Glasses, Ballistic Glasses, Laminated Glasses, Insulating Glasses, Decorative Glasses and Specialty Glasses.
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Business Type : Manufacturer
Manufacturer Of : Safety Glass, Decorative Glass
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Company Name : Mehar Image
Address : A-5K, Sectro-80, Noida Phase II, Dist. Gautambudh Nagar ,Noida ,Uttar Pradesh ,India
Contact Person : Mr.
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